For KIDS! Macro Berri Reds 3oz, 15 servings
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A super value to try this amazing KIDS superfood.  Just $12.00 and 20% off with free shipping if you join Club MacroLife (autoship program).

Macro Berri Reds is an all natural fruit/berry flavored multi-vitamin drink mix with a taste kids love! Delicious is the new nutritious!

No common allergens or other harsh ingredients. No wheat grass, alfalfa, oat, kamut, rye, no soil based organisms, kelp, bee pollen, garlic, onion, MSG, GMO’s, yeast, egg, artificial coloring, alcohol, preservatives, flavoring, salt, starch, maltodextrin, wheat, gluten, corn, stabilizers, pesticides, herbicides or dairy animal products.

For KIDS! Macro Berri Reds 3oz, 15 servings

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